Connect your Slack channels

Get your alerts directly in a Slack channel of your choice.

You will first need to authorize the Slack connection to your organization before we can send you alerts.

Slack's integration limits that notifications can only be sent to public channels. Private channels are not supported.

Setting Up Slack Alerts

To initiate Slack alerts, start the process by choosing the "Authorize Slack" option in the My Account page > Config Settings.

You'll be directed to Slack's authorization page, which will request access to your organization's Slack workspace. At this step, please click on "Allow".

Once you've granted access, the system will take you back to the "Config Settings" page.

Once your Slack organization is authenticated, you can then add the Slack channel name that you want to send alert notifications to. You can add multiple channels by clicking on the "Add another channel" button.

Add Decube bot to the Slack channel:

When you are adding the Slack channel to the alert configuration, a Decube's Slack bot will be automatically added to the channel. If you do not see the Slack bot being added (eg. when adding a custom alert), please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the bottom of the channel's chatbox and click on the "+" icon.

  2. Search for add apps to this channel and click on it.

  3. Find the Decube app and click on Add the app to the workspace.

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