Add MySQL as a decube connection and help your team discover, document and monitor their data assets to drive data-driven insights and decisions.

Connecting to decube is as easy as providing us with credentials to your MySQL database. At a minimum, we require

  • username

  • password

  • host address

  • host port

  • database name

The source name will be for you to differentiate and recognize particular sources within the decube application.

We strongly encourage you to create a decube read-only user for this credential purpose, which you can follow here.

Security Concerns

If access to your database is protected by security measures, we allow for connecting via SSH Tunneling or you could whitelist our IP. See more here.

Custom User for decube

A custom user would allow for a granular configuration of the user on your database and your connection to decube.

  1. Create the user, and change host and password accordingly.

CREATE USER 'decube'@'<host>' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
  1. Grant access to the decube user. Here table can be * if you're using decube to observe the whole database. For only a few tables, you'll have to run this command multiple times changing the table value.

GRANT SELECT ON <database>.<table> TO 'decube'@'<host>';

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