Add lineage relationships manually

Lineage relationships can be added manually through the platform for situations where the lineage relationship is not able to be picked up during the metadata ingestion. Lineage relationships that were updated manually will show up with the information in Connection details that the lineage was derived from a manual addition, which also shows who added the relationship and when it was added.

How to update manual lineage relationships

To update the lineage in the Lineage tab, the user will first need to click on the Make Changes button.

Clicking on the Make Changes button will allow the option for the user to add an upstream or a downstream asset.

To add an asset, you will need to select the data source the asset is residing in, then search and select the data asset to be added.

To add column relationships, click on Map Columns and select the column mappings to be added.

User is also able to add the job that generated the lineage manually by searching and selecting it from the Specify Job dropdown.

Once the manual lineage has been added, user will need to submit the change request to be approved.

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