Azure Synapse

Adding Synapse to your decube connections helps your team to find relevant datasets, understand their quality via incident monitoring and apply governance policies via our data catalog.

Connecting to Azure Synapse requires credentials that can be easily found through this guide. These credentials include:

  • username

  • password

  • host

  • database


  • Ensure the Azure account you logged into has access to Azure Synapse credentials

Getting the Credentials.

Log into your Azure account that has access to manage Synapse and click on the Synapse workspace of your choice. These are the information that you need to be aware of.

  1. SQL Admin username.

  2. SQL Admin password.

  3. Dedicated SQL server URL. (host)

  4. Database name.

These are highlighted and numbered on the relevant image below.

Ensure that you are aware of SQL admin password, on number 2. Else it can be reset but ensure you have permission to do so and then save the password somewhere your team would be able to access; For example, in Azure Key Vault.

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