Set up field tests

Here's how you set up monitors for specific field tests.
You can enable monitoring for specific fields by using the Add new monitor button in the Data Quality page or the Monitor tab via the table's Asset Details view.
Example of setting up a new field monitor.
You can choose which fields to monitor and which tests to run. Our system provides several tests including null%, regex_match, is_email and more. You can also toggle the notification settings for each monitor.
If the current preset monitors is not sufficient to run the specific test you require, you can also create a test via custom SQL script.


I can't add a new monitor, the button is disabled.

For our field tests to run efficiently without incurring a large cost on your database, you will need to make a metric time selection first within the Table Configuration (on the top right of the Asset Details page). Choose a datetime field or a date field and then toggle monitoring on before saving your changes.
Example of a metric time selection.