Ask Questions

Start a conversation about your data asset, right inside decube.

Want to ask a question to the asset owners directly without going to Slack or email? You can now do it within each Asset's Feed.

Navigate to any data asset, be it a table, data job, or BI tool to see the Feed. On this page, you'll be able to start a conversation by adding the question into the rich format text box and clicking on "Publish my question".

Adding a question to the Feed will automatically notify the designated asset owners (Data Owner and Business Owner) of the asset by email.

Replying to a conversation

Replying to a question is as easy as navigating to the question in the Feed and input your answer into the text box given. Within the text box, you are also able to tag another user in decube by using the @mention handle and selecting the user's name in the dropdown.

Subscribing to a conversation

If you would like to subscribe to a conversation thread and receive a notification email whenever someone replies to the thread, you can click on the notification button on the top of the conversation thread.

Adding a question and replying to a question automatically subscribes you to the thread, of which you will receive further notifications, if there are any.

If you desire to unsubscribe to a thread, you can click on the thread's notification button again to unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe directly from the bottom of each email by clicking on the provided link.

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