Initiate an Access Request

Gain access by requesting to the asset owner.

To initiate an access request, you will need to click on the Request Access button on any asset that has a "lock" icon view in the Catalog.

When requesting access to an asset, the owner of the asset will automatically be selected as the reviewer. If there is no designated asset owner in the Catalog, then the request will be sent to the designated owner of the parent asset (eg. Schema) or the source owner.

User can specify how long the access is required and the purpose of the request in the access request form which will be submitted to the reviewer.

When the access request is sent, the reviewer will then receive an email. Clicking on the link in the email will bring them to the request approval form.

The reviewer can then review the access request and select the permissions that can be granted to the specific asset for the user. They can also change the access type (either permanent to temporary or temporary to permanent).

Once the reviewer completes the form and submits the permissions, the requestor can then access the asset with the appropriate access controls granted.

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