SSH Tunneling

You may opt to choose SSH Tunneling as well through a bastion host within your VPC to allow decube collectors access to your data source.

SSH Bastion Host Setup

Setting up a SSH Bastion host differs based on the Cloud provider you are on. Here's some reference for the different providers:

Getting your Public Key

When connecting to your data source for the first time, you can enable the "Enable SSH" toggle to get your organization-wide public key. Copy or download the file for later.

Create A SSH User

We recommend creating a unique SSH User just for decube purposes. This lets you separate all configuration to only this unique user. To do so, access your own SSH host server as a privileged user or through sudo and run

sudo useradd -m [DECUBE_USERNAME] # choose any username (you'll need to pass this to us)
sudo passwd [DECUBE_USERNAME]     # you'll be prompted to input a password
                                  # this password is for your login only, do not share
                                  # with us

Add Key to SSH Host

Access your own SSH host server as the previously created user and add the previously mentioned SSH Public Key to the authorized_key file. Usually this will be located at /home/YOURUSER/.ssh/authorized_key.

You'd need to share with us the SSH username, SSH host and SSH port later

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