Adding Airflow to your decube connections helps your team to discover, document and monitor the quality of your pipelines.

Minimum Requirement

  • Airflow Username

  • Airflow User Password

  • Airflow API host address

  • Airflow API enabled and set to Basic Auth. See Airflow Documentation for this.

  • Airflow Version 2.3.0 and above (Version >= 2.0.0 and < 2.3.0 may not work fully)

Creating an Airflow User for Decube

  1. Go to Security > List Users

  1. Click on Add User

  1. Insert information for new decube user

    1. Username - suggested value: decube

    2. Email -

    3. Role - Minimum required Op (which is a default role from Airflow)

    4. Password - Use a strong password

Airflow API is not Publicly Accessible

For decube to monitor your Airflow service, we will require that the Airflow API be publicly accessible or privately accessible to a SSH bastion host. Instruction on setting up a bastion host can be found here SSH Tunneling

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