Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a collection of FAQs from our users.

Metadata syncing

If I added a new table or column, why hasn't it shown up yet?

We have a set frequency we run metadata scans, based on the plan that your team is on. It could be that the sync has not happened yet.

It could also be that we lack permissions on the specific connection that you've added. Please check the relevant connection page to

If you still face this problem after 6 hours, please reach out to us via Live Chat with the Asset ID that you're experiencing issues on.


What data do you store?

We only store extracted metadata, query logs, and aggregated statistics during our scans. You can view more about our Security and Compliance practices here.

In opt-in only modules where data may be egressed to run certain features (eg. profiling for Field Statistics), you will need to explicitly confirm each operation. More info in Data Policy.


How is billing handled?

Here's our current plan options. If you'll like to subscribe to a plan, please reach out to us on the live chat at the bottom right and we'll walk you through your options suitable based on your organization size.

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