Auto-classify data assets

No more manual updates: use our auto-classification via policy rules to classify data assets and protect your more sensitive data.

Adding classifications manually might be a time-consuming task, especially if it's your first time on decube. Instead, you can opt to add it via our auto-classification workflow via the Policy rules, where you can set up keywords or via regex to detect matching asset names across multiple data sources.

Set up your policy rules

From any classification policies page, you can click on Set up new rule to access the new rule setup workflow.

  1. Select the data sources to apply the rules.

  2. Select the rule type. You can choose either to input a keyword or a regex to match strictly or approximately.

    • Optionally, if we detect new assets that have been added to your data sources, we can also add the classification automatically if you check the checkbox for Auto-add new assets to this rule.

  3. Click on Fetch assets. All assets that match according to your rule type will be shown.

  4. Select one of the several masking types to be applied. This will take effect in the Preview section where dynamic masking is applied.

The creation, modification, and deletion of a rule will require an approval workflow before it is reflected in your organization. You can read more on the approval workflow here.

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