Governance module

Within the governance module, you'll be able to manage policies which control classifications on decube.

To access the Data Governance module, you will need permission via the module-based policy for the Governance module.

Based on privacy laws, to be compliant, companies need to declare the purposes of processing data, which data sources these data can be found, and how they can be categorized. Traditionally, these may be done on isolated systems or spreadsheets which need to be painstakingly maintained.

However, in the governance module on decube, you'll be able to store all your policies in the platform to allow users across your organization to create, manage, and deprecate policies, as well as link actual data assets from your Catalog to the policy. The following policy types can be added:

Auto-classification of data assets

Automated rules can be set up to auto-classify new data assets that may be added into your organization and picked up by our collectors. For example, setting up a PII classification where any columns named last_name can be picked up by our auto-classification to add that classification everywhere it appears in the Catalog. Check out how to auto-classify data assets.

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