Field Statistcs

Quickly understand the distribution, data quality and data types available in one quick glance.

Like our Table Profiler, using this feature is opt-in only. Please note that our profiler samples from the last 5k rows within your data source. Please refer to our Data Policy to understand how we handle your data before proceeding.

Have a quick glance on statistics such as min, max, median, distinct% and null% of your tables to get a picture of your data before you use for data analysis or modelling. You can also see the number of tests ran against the field and incidents that were raised to quickly understand the health of your data.

To run the profiler, please click on "Accept" under the disclaimer.

To run the profiler, you will need access to "Allow run profiler" for the data source selected. Read more here.


Why are some of my columns not appearing in my Table Overview?

The current version of our profiler does not support the profiling of date, time and datetime columns. If this is something you wish to see in the future, please let us know via the Live chat.

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