Add tags and classifications to fields

Here's how you can catalog important information for your tables.

Provide additional context to your tables by adding tags and classifications so that other users in your team can understand the purpose and usage of the column within your data source. This functionality is available in the Schema tab which is within the Asset Details section.

When you navigate to the Schema tab, you'll be able to see each field within your selected table and edit the row via the kebab menu on the end of each row.

To make changes to the Schema tab, you will need at least an Edit access for the asset that you are editing, which comes from the policy "Asset Details". Read more here.

Creating, adding, and removing tags

You can create a custom tag by directly keying in the name into the field. A "Create tag" option will appear at the bottom of the dropdown.

You can add the same tag to another asset by opening the dropdown again and selecting the tag to be added. Similarly removing tags is easy, just click on the x icon at the end of each tag.

Adding classifications

Add a classification to the field by selecting from the available dropdown. Adding a classification in this view also adds the classification to the column asset on the Catalog view.

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