Add a PowerBI connection to your decube so that you can discover the lineage of your assets from source to dashboards.

Connecting to PowerBI requires credentials that can be configured and found through this guide. These credentials include:

  • Tenant ID

  • Workspace ID

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

To note, for complete Lineage to report sources, with additional configurations we only support sources from:

  1. BigQuery

  2. PostgreSQL

  3. Microsoft SQL

  4. Snowflake


  1. Access to Azure Active Directory for service principals.

  2. A PowerBI Premium workspace. ( Premium per-user or Premium capacity )

  3. Admin access to PowerBI to change Tenant Settings.

Creating Service Principals and Security Group

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory, under the Manage tab to the left of the screen, look for App Registrations and click it.

  2. Click on New Registrations on the top of the tab and you'll be presented with the screen below.

  1. We recommend entering decube as the Name. Click Register when you are done.

  1. Click Overview on the left tab and take note of the Client ID and Tenant ID we would require when setting up decube.

  2. Click on Certificates and Secrets on the left tab again and click on New Client Secret as below. We recommend the description to be 'decube client secret' and the expiry date to be until the end of your contract with us.

  3. Make sure to copy the Value of the Client Secret and store it somewhere safe like Azure Key Vault. We will need this value for registration.

  1. Go back to the Azure Active Directory main page and on the left tab again click on Groups. Click Create New Group.

  2. Ensure Group Type is Security and most importantly, click on members and search for the previously configured Service Principal. Here it would be decube.

  1. Click on Create and we are done retrieving the Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret for this integration.

PowerBI Settings

  1. Make sure that the workspace you intend to integrate is a Premium Workspace - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/enterprise/service-premium-what-is

  2. On the left tab, click on Workspaces and select your desired workspace. Here we selected decube. You can see the Workspace ID on the URL of your browser when you click on your Workspace.

  1. Click on the More ellipses ( three dots ) next to Create app and then click on Manage Access.

  2. Click on Add People and find the name of your Service Principal earlier, which is decube.

  3. Make sure you set it as Admin and click Add

  1. Back on the main Workspace page, on the top right corner, click on the gear icon to Setting and below Governance and Insight you will find Admin Portal. Click that.

  2. Here, find Tenant Settings and search for Allow service principals to use Power BI APIs under Developer Settings.

  3. Enable it and either Apply to Entire Organisation or Specific Security Group. Here you can search for the one we created earlier. Example of how it should look like below.

  1. Please enable and do this for the following settings as well under Admin API settings.

    • Allow service principals to use read-only admin APIs

    • Enhance admin APIs responses with detailed metadata

    • Enhance admin APIs responses with DAX and mashup expressions


So you have configured all the creadentials and settings to connect to decube. If there is any issues, please do reach out to us.

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