Set Up Data Job/Job Failure Monitors

Here's how you set up monitors for Data Job/Job Failure

To effectively detect anomalies in your data transformation, our system offers specialized Data Job/Job Failure monitors. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Navigate to the Config Landing Page: This is where all monitor types options are available.

  2. Locate the "Job Failure" Card: Among the various options, you'll find a card labeled "Job Failure" under the "Create & Modify" tab.

  3. Select the "Job Failure" Card: By selecting this card, you'll initiate the monitoring setup process for your Data Job/Job Failure monitors.

Data Job/Job Failure Monitoring Setup

From the dropdown, choose the primary data source corresponding to the data job assets you aim to monitor.

Upon selecting the primary data source, a list of associated data job assets will automatically populate below the dropdown menu.

Simply browse through the loaded data job assets, and locate and pick the specific data job asset you intend to set up monitoring.

Next to your chosen data job asset, click on the "Set up monitoring" option to begin its monitoring setup.

In the dropdown menu, your previously selected data job asset will be displayed. Please note that these entries will be greyed out, indicating they're pre-selected and cannot be changed.

Below the dropdown, you'll have the option to select the desired incident levels for your monitors which is also a required field. Choose the levels that best fit your monitoring needs.

To set custom alerts, you must first turn on the "Notify" toggle. Activating this will allow users to specify their desired alert channels, be it Emails or Slack Channels.

Modify Monitors

To modify the configuration settings of your Data Job/Job Failure monitor that you initially set up, simply click on the ellipsis '︙' menu. From the dropdown, choose the "Modify" option.

This action will present a "Modify Monitors" pop up, where you can conveniently adjust your preferences and settings which in this case you may configure your "Incident Levels" and Notifications/Custom Alerts settings.

You may also modify your monitors on the Data Job/Job Failure landing page after you select the data source of the monitor you wish to modify/set up as well as in the "All Monitors" tab on the Config landing page.

Bulk Monitoring

In some instances, if you prefer to configure multiple Data Jobs/Job Failure monitoring simultaneously rather than doing it individually, our platform simplifies this for you.

Simply navigate to the "Set up bulk monitoring" option, located to the right of the "Sort by" filter button.

The process for setting up bulk monitoring closely mirrors the individual monitor setup flow. The primary difference is in the selection stage where for bulk monitoring, you'll pick the Data Jobs assets you wish to monitor from the "Select Jobs" dropdown.

Notifications and Custom Alerts

Locate the "Notify" toggle next to the incident levels dropdown to receive automatic notifications for detected incidents simply by just switching the toggle to the "on" position.

To personalize your alert settings in the monitor, especially if you wish to be notified of any anomalies or incidents via specific channels like Email or Slack, simply click on the "Set custom alerts" checkbox next to the "Notify" switch.

Upon checking the "Set custom alerts" checkbox, an overlay will appear below for you to set up your preferred medias to be notified.

Ensure the email you've provided is correct and remember to "Authorize" Slack within the "My Accounts" section under "Config Settings" tab -> "Config Alerts" This will allow you to send custom alerts to your designated channel.

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