Adding a Data Contract - Column Tests

This documentation will guide you through the process of configuring your column tests for your data contract.

To configure your column tests, click on "Make Changes" in the Data Asset Details.

Click on the "Data Contract" tab, then select the "Configure" icon for your chosen column.

In the Configure Column Tests popup, users have the option to select from various field health test types. In this guide, we will use the "Value is" test type as an example.

Start by providing a description for your column test, then click "Save" to save your description.

Complete the necessary fields above, and users can also apply their data contracts default settings if necessary.

Fill out and complete the required fields such as

  • Test Name

  • Timestamp column (If timestamp is selected)

  • Validate SQL Expression (If SQL Expression is selected)

  • Frequency

Users can also establish conditions for running the test. Currently supported conditions include:

  • Value is

  • Value in

  • Null

  • Regex

  • String Length

Save and Create your Column test by clicking on the "Create this test" button.

Locate your newly created column test by accessing your field health test within the Configure Column Tests popup.

Users can also disable, edit, or delete the monitor by clicking on the ellipsis menu.

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