Adding a Data Contract - Freshness Test

Once you have configured the default settings for your data contract, you can utilise it to apply a table-level freshness test to your data contract.

Begin off by selecting the "Make Changes" option.

When dealing with Data Contracts, make sure to choose the "Make Changes" option as depicted above.

Start by choosing the freshness pill.

Upon selecting the freshness pill, a Set up Freshness validation test pop up will appear.

Fill out and complete the required fields such as

  • Timestamp column (If timestamp is selected)

  • Validate SQL Expression (If SQL Expression is selected)

  • Frequency

You can also use your configured Data Contracts default settings. Refer to this guide on how to configure your data contracts default settings.

Save your choice by clicking "Confirm and Set Up" Users can modify the Freshness test by selecting the pill again.

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