Classification Policies

Define the policies around the classification of data assets all in one location and see all assets with the specific classification.

Within Classification Policies, you will be able to see the classifications that are currently available within your decube workspace. By default, all organizations will have the classifications PII and Sensitive added, which can be modified later.

Adding a custom policy

If you desire to add a custom policy (for example, adding policy for GDPR), you can click on Create a custom policy and fill in the required information.

Set a unique policy name and policy classification name - this will appear across the Catalog in where the classification is shown. You also can choose from a set of colors to show in the classification.

Creating, editing, and deleting a policy requires you to submit it through an approval workflow. Read more about the approval workflow here.

See all info about a policy

Clicking into a policy lets you see all the information that is available within a policy. Users with access to edit will be able to also add attachments to each policy for safekeeping. From here, users will be able to set auto-classification rules for each policy to reduce manual updates through the Catalog. Read more here.

Managed assets within a policy

For all policies, users will have the ability to view all the assets that have been classified under the policy. For example, if a user had classified an asset as PII in the Catalog or it had been picked up by the auto-classification, it would be shown in the Managed assets view.

Users will also be able to export the entire list of managed assets as a csv.

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