Add a Tableau connection to your decube so that you can discover the lineage of your assets from source to dashboards.

Connecting to decube

We require four important information to connect a Tableau instance. For two of those, head to your Tableau dashboard and take a look at your browser's search bar. Grab the URL and it would look like something below:


Here we need https://<> as Server URL and <example-site-id> as the Site ID

Get a Personal Access Token following this step.

Then we can fill the connections as so, remember to replace the example URL with your own.

  • Server URL: https://<>

  • Site ID: <example-site-id>

  • Token Name: Personal Access Token Name

  • Token Secret: Personal Access Token Secret

The Source Name will be for you to differentiate and recognize particular sources within the decube application.

Getting a Personal Access Token

decube prefers connecting to Tableau via a Personal Access Token. It is recommended to create a new Access Token for decube and ensure that it is kept safe and secured for ease of management.

  1. Go to your Tableau instance, click on your user profile on the top right, then click on My Account Settings.

  2. There, scroll down until you find Personal Access Tokens.

  3. In Token Name, type a suitable name, we recommend decube data observability. Then click on Create New Token.

  4. A popup will be displayed where you can view Token Name and Token Secret. Click on Copy to clipboard. We recommend saving this credential, like on a password manager as the Token Secret will only be shown to you once.

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