What are Change Requests?

Here's how to submit change requests in decube.

Effective 12 June 2023, a new Approval Workflow for Change Requests is introduced to enhance control and security within the decube Catalog and Glossary. Changes made to these modules will require approval before implementation. Simply create a change request, select an approver with the necessary permissions, and ensure data integrity and compliance.

How it works

Permission for Approval Workflow

The permission to initiate change request, approve or reject change requests are dependant on the permissions you are granted in the Source-based policy for each data source. Read more here.

To illustrate how the Approval Workflow works in an organization, here are three roles used as an example of users in your organization.

Example of Approved Changes

When a change requerst is created, the user can select an Approver who is able to approve or reject the change request.

Once a request is approved, the changes will be implemented and can be seen by everyone else in the organization.

Example of Rejected Changes

When a request is approved, the changes will not take effect.

Check out how to initiate a change request below.

pageInitiate a change request

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