Adding Data Products to Domains/Subdomains

Here's how you add a Data Product to a Domain/Subdomain.

In the framework of Data Mesh architecture, data is approached as a product, where individual domains or subdomains are responsible for owning and overseeing their respective data products. This guide will walk you through the steps of integrating a new Data Product into your Domain or Subdomain.

To incorporate a data product into your domain/subdomain, simply access the Domain/Subdomain details page and click on the "Data Products" Subtab.

Once you're on the "Data Products" subtab, choose the "+ Add Data Product" option to include a new data product in your domain/subdomain.

To successfully create a data product for your domain/subdomain, you'll need to complete the required fields on the form. After filling out the necessary information, save your selection by clicking on the "Create Data Product" button.

Once you've confirmed the details for your data product, it will be successfully created and added to the list of data products on the "Data Products" subtab.

After creating a data product, refer to the section below to learn how to add a data asset within your data product.

pageCreating a draft Data Asset

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