Webhooks integration

Receive your decube alerts to an endpoint of your choice by using our webhooks integration.
When we raise an incident alert, we can also send it to a URL of your choice once it is set up in your organization.

Set up alerts via webhook

  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Configure Alerts page under My Account.
  2. 2.
    Enter the URL and HTTP headers (if required). You can also click on +Add if more headers are required.
  3. 3.
    Click on Test to send a test payload to your endpoint.
  4. 4.
    Remember to save your changes!
The Webhook endpoint is expected to be accessible over the public network in order for us to deliver the notification.
Configure your Webhook URL and HTTP headers.

Sample payload

This is a sample payload in json format which will be sent to the webhook.
"alert_id": 1,
"incident_type": "freshness",
"incident_header": "2 in the last 30 mins",
"url_filter": "timeFrame=label-24H&incident_type=freshness",
"incident_count": 2,
"org_id": "example1234",
"incidents": [
"incident_time": "2023-05-16 12:02:06.119056",
"incident_id": 1,
"table_id": 1,
"field_id": null,
"test_type": "freshness",
"name": "source.schema.table",
"detail": {},
"url_filter": "timeFrame=label-24H&incident_type=field_health&incident_id=1"
"incident_time": "2023-05-16 12:02:06.141040",
"incident_id": 2,
"table_id": 2,
"field_id": null,
"test_type": "freshness",
"name": "source.schema.table",
"detail": {},
"url_filter": "timeFrame=label-24H&incident_type=field_health&incident_id=2"