Webhooks integration

Receive your decube alerts to an endpoint of your choice by using our webhooks integration.

When we raise an incident alert, we can also send it to a URL of your choice once it is set up in your organization.

Setting Up Webbooks

URL Validation: When setting up webhooks, it's essential to ensure the URL you provide is accurate. Validate your URL by clicking the "Test" button. A successful test ensures proper integration.

HTTP Header and Token: Additionally, make sure to provide a valid HTTP Header and associated token for effective and secure webhook functionality.

Sample payload

This is a sample payload in json format which will be sent to the webhook.

{'incident_time': '2023-04-08 15:01:05.751085', 'incident_id': 25318, 'incident_url': 'https://example.io/incidents/xxxxx', 'asset_id': xx, 'asset_qual_id': 'xx.ironhide-sim.public.cart', 'detail': {'row_count': 'xx.0', 'name': '77.ironhide-sim.public.cart', 'variance': '-'}, 'monitor_detail': {'test_type': 'custom_sql', 'incident_type': 'custom_sql', 'incident_level': 'info', 'is_group_by': False, 'group_by': '', 'group_by_value': '', 'incident_color_code': '#F3D35E'}}

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