Incidents Overview

Derive insights on your data quality by our metrics.
The Data Quality page is where you can see all data quality incidents that were raised during the timeframe that you have selected. Each incident is classified into Volume, Freshness, Schema Drift, or Field Health. Each raised incident has an associated detail on which table/column was affected and the time when the incident was raised.
Example of Data Quality page.

Close or mute incidents

When an incident is raised, it creates an open incident. You can choose to either:
  • close an incident.
  • mute it for a period of time. This ensures you don't get alerts when another incident is triggered on the same table/column. Incidents are automatically unmuted after the time period you have set.
You can choose to close or mute the incident from the dropdown.
If you want to see all closed/muted/open incidents in a timeframe, you can filter them via the Incident Status dropdown.

Incident details

Clicking on any incident in the table will bring up the Incident details overlay which gives you more in-depth insight into each incident, including the incident history. You can also close or mute incidents through this overlay.
Example of Incident details overlay.