Incidents Overview

Derive insights on your data quality by our metrics.

The Data Quality section provides a comprehensive view of all data quality incidents reported within a specified timeframe. These incidents are categorized under:

  • Volume

  • Freshness

  • Schema Drift

  • Field Health

  • Custom SQL

  • Job Failure

For each incident, detailed information is provided, including the affected table/column and the timestamp when the incident was identified.

Incident Details

By selecting any incident from the Data Quality module, users will be redirected to the Incident Details page. This page provides you with a deeper understanding of and historical trend of the chosen incident.

On the Incident Details page, you can add an Assignee to the selected incident. All such actions will subsequently be logged and can be reviewed in the Audit History section on the bottom right.

Handling incident status: Close or mute incidents

When an incident is raised, it creates an open incident. You can choose to either:

  • close an incident.

  • mute it for a period of time. This ensures you don't get alerts when another incident is triggered on the same table/column. Incidents are automatically unmuted after the time period you have set.

If you want to see all closed/muted/open incidents in a timeframe, you can filter them via the "Incident Status" dropdown on the Data Quality landing page.

History - List of scanned metrics for each monitor

In the History tab, a list of past tests is shown, including the metrics of successful scans. This is a quick way to identify the scans that had failed along with the values that had caused the failed tests.

Impacted Areas - List of assets impacted by the incident

Based on the downstream lineage, a list of impacted assets is able to be generated to show to the user the potential downstream tables or jobs or dashboards that may be affected by the incident. Users can then opt to export this list as a csv and send them to the respective owners that were designated in the Catalog.

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