What is the "Owners" group?

Owners have full permissions to access all features within Decube.

When the first user signs up for your organization (eg. "Acme Corp"), the user will be put into a group called the Owners group. This ensures that the first user has all the required permissions to add data sources, invite others into the organization and set up the workspace without hurdles.

The Owners group has special privileges:

  1. The group is created by automatically by Decube upon organization account creation.

    • If your organization account existed prior to 12 June 2023, users previously assigned as Admins will be added to the Owner group automatically.

  2. The group cannot be modified or deleted. You are only able to add or remove members to group.

  3. At least one member in your organization needs to be in the Owners group.

Adding a user to the Owners group gives them total control over your organization account, including deactivating other users. Please tread carefully.

Automatic addition to Owners group is only applied to the first user that signs into decube only, and subsequent users will need to be added into groups in the Group Management tab to access most features within decube.

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