Create Groups & Assign Policies

Manage user access by grouping them into use cases.

To create a group, navigate to My Account, and in the Group Management tab, you will be able to see the option to Create a new group.

When creating a new group, you can give a unique name to your group, add a description. You will need to add at least 1 user to successfully create the group.

Assign Policies to Groups.

Once your group is created, you can assign policies to each group to give all the users in the group permission to access. Here's the different types of policies you can assign:

  • Administrative includes all org-type permissions, which do not tie to resources in a data source. For example, the ability to manage groups & policies, and manage data sources.

  • Source-based includes all resource-based type of permissions, which user will need to select a data source first. For example, the ability to add a tag to a table within a Snowflake table will need edit access to Snowflake.

  • Module-based includes all module-based type permissions that are not tied to a data source. For example, the Business Glossary.

Here are the quick links to each type of policies page.

Administrative-based PoliciesSource-based PoliciesModule-based Policies

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