Config Settings

Here's how you configure and manage your default alert channel and monitoring behaviour.

To set up default alert channels like Emails and Slack, go to the "My Account" page and choose the "Config Settings" tablist.

Within the Config Settings tab, users will find two distinct subtabs:

  1. Config Alerts: This is where you can establish and adjust your primary alert channels.

  2. Default Settings: Use this section to define standard parameters, such as Monitoring Frequency and Incident Severity Levels, for your monitors.

Config Alerts

Check out how to set up notifications for each alert channel below.

pageGet alerts on email

Default Settings

Within the Default Settings tab, you can configure the default frequencies and incident levels for all monitor types, excluding the Grouped-by monitoring type.

Note that after setting your default configurations for monitors, these changes will only apply to newly added data sources. Existing monitor configurations will remain unaffected.

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