Supported Features by Integration

Here's a summary of the limitations on decube features, based on the connections added.

Some of our product features may be unavailable as they are unsupported by the source type added into decube, eg. Configuring table monitoring will not be available on an ETL-type connection like Airflow.

Connection Type/Asset TypeFeature notes

Transformation Tools (eg. dbt, Fivetran, Airflow etc.)

  • Data Quality: Unable to add new monitor (only limited to databases).

  • Data Recon: Unable to add a new data recon (only limited to databases).

  • Config: Unable to select source for configuration (only limited to databases).

Virtual Tables (eg. in dbt, Fivetran)

Within the Asset Details:

  • Unable to run profiler for Table Overview and Field Statistics.

  • Unable to add monitoring, and hence no incidents.

SQL Server and

Azure Synapse Analytics

Data Recon is not supported.

Please reach out to us via Live Chat if you are unsure if a certain feature is supported.

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