Adding a new recon

Evaluate data differences with reconciliation feature with a simple interface.

Please note that Data Recon is an opt-in module because to complete the data recon, we will need to egress some data. Please refer to our Data Policy to understand how we handle your data before proceeding.

Data Recon module is where you'll be able to validate data differences between two selected datasets. Within the Data Recon main page, you will be able to see all data recon jobs that have been run in your organization.

To add a new recon job, you will need to click on Add New Recon on the top right.

How to add a new data recon

To run a new recon, you will first need to add a recon configuration.

  1. Select a supported data source. You can also compare between tables from two different sources by toggling Use separate data sources on the top right to enable the second data source selection.

  2. Once you have made the selection(s), you can then search for the table by clicking on the field and typing in the name of the table.

  3. Once the tables are selected, select the primary keys that are shared between both tables.

  1. Optionally, you can then select the datetime fields for the table selected. This opens up the Recon duration selection where you can inform our scanner how far back into your dataset to be scanned.

When a datetime field is not selected, we will use a sampling mode to enable scanning of large datasets by sampling a few rows instead of a full scan. Regardless of configuration, we will stop finding reconciliation errors after finding 100,000 mismatched rows.

  1. You can also add conditions to your recon configuration. Use this to exclude rows that are not in the scope of the comparison, or set limits to the time period to be checked. We will query your data by using your conditions set in a WHERE clause.

"WHERE" keyword does not need be included. Please ensure your conditions are written in an SQL dialect of the selected sources respectively.

  1. After that, map the columns that you'd like to compare between both tables.

  1. Lastly, define a schedule to run your data recon, if required. You are able to set the following schedule: 1 Hour, 12 Hours, 1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days.

A new recon job will be started and automatically shown in the Data Recon main page based on the recon configuration.

To stop further scheduled runs of a configuration, disable the toggle on any of the completed runs in Data Recon Details.

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