Overview on Data Mesh

A quick summary of features in the Data Mesh module.

The Data Mesh module enables your teams to have a structured and organized view of your data landscape, by creating data products and curating specific tables in your data sources to be consumed by users in your organization.

Definitions of objects within Data Mesh with examples



Top-level container for all objects in the Data Mesh. A domain owner can be assigned to govern the domain in terms of added assets and members.

Sales, Finance, Customer etc.

Data Products

Curated collections of data assets for a specific business logic or purpose.

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis, Customer Churn Prediction Model etc.


Any object from the Catalog that was automatically added through metadata crawling.

website_traffic_logs, user_activity etc.

Data Assets

Any entity object that is added into a Data Product, which can be any table, segmented subsets of a larger table, reports, dashboards or jobs.

Website traffic data, Sales transaction etc.

An example of each object is illustrated below in the diagram.

Domains-based ownership for governance

Domains provide a framework for understanding and managing the data that an organization collects and uses. Domain owners can be designated which gives the user the ability to govern what entities are added into the domain to be discoverable by other users in the organization and administrate access to other users by adding them into the membership of the domain.

Example of domains that can be created in your organization:

  • Fundamental business areas: Human Resources, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.

  • Overarching subject areas: Product, Customer, Location, etc.

  • Organizational functions: Customer Experience, Risk Management, Business Intelligence, etc.

Once you've created your first domain, you can then add data products, link entities from the Catalog, and add members to the Domain.

pageAdding members to Domain/Sub-domainpageAdding Data Products to Domains/SubdomainspageLinking Entities to Domains/Sub-domains

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