Data Dashboard

Overview of your data quality all on one page.

After your first data source has been connected, you will be brought to the Data Dashboard. Your Data Dashboard provides useful information on data quality incidents that have happened on your connected data source. You are also able to select the active data sources and timeframe that you want to view on the Dashboard.

Data Overview

The Data Overview provides a count of total incidents that had taken place over your selected timeframe. This information is also further classified into four types of data quality incidents:

  • Volume: Triggers when there is a significant change in the size of data ingestion.

  • Freshness: Triggers when a significant time has passed since the last update on the data.

  • Schema Drift: Triggers when there is a schema change.

  • Field Health: Triggers when anomalies are detected by our monitors based on the metrics configured by you. You can set up the monitors to track Field Health in the Data Catalog.

Incidents in the last 30 days

We group the incidents by a table level based on the selected timeframe on your Dashboard. Here you can easily check the impacted tables, their read count, the number of tests that were run and the time when the incident was triggered. We also provide individual health scores on each table for you to quickly note any table that needs specific attention.

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